Occupational Safety & Health


Greatearth OSH Performance 2017
In 2017, Greatearth Pte Ltd (the “Group”) continues to work with staff and stakeholders to sustain an all-embracing Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) culture and environment. Efforts to improve WSH performance included utilising electronic permit-to-work approvals for faster and more accurate assessment of WSH, analysing statistical figures through safety reports to localise potential issues, as well as inspection of workplaces by management to uphold WSH standards. Read more

Policy & Accreditations

Greatearth recognises Workplace Safety & Health (WSH) as a critical goal and strives to improve and achieve good WSH performance. Greatearth has been certified BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and SS 506: Part 1: 2009 and its exemplary WSH performance has won several awards and commendations including the Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects, WSH Performance Award, as well as United Kingdom-based The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Award.

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Safety & Health Policy

BS OHSAS 18001