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Greatearth offers scholarships to undergraduates who demonstrate academic excellence, outstanding intellectual capacity, sound character and strong leadership potential. In addition, internships can be provided for scholars to gain experience and insights in the relevant industries. Upon graduation, scholars will embark on a structured development plan which entails exposure to multiple industry-related roles, participation in projects and leadership training programmes for an enriching and fulfilling career in Greatearth. To apply for a scholarship with Greatearth, please contact the Human Resources department at


Greatearth collaborates with universities, polytechnics and government agencies to provide internships for undergraduates. Through these internships, undergraduates can gain experience and insights and in the working environment of the relevant industries, as well as build a career foundation and business networks. Undergraduates who display outstanding potential may be offered a scholarship and even a position in Greatearth before graduation. To find out more, please contact the Human Resources department at